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Jun 01

For points of comparison

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For points of comparison: Across the Atlantic and a few hours later, I spun a couple of records for the benefit of Philadelphia rock-types taking a breather from the U.S. Maple show—reaction highlights included seven (seven!) people making joyful noise when i opened my second set with Van Halen’s “Panama,” satisfied grins at the opening lick of “Bathroom Wall,” and waves of somewhat shocked recognition passing over peoples’ faces when they realized the inspiration for The Grace Period‘s “Fuck Amen.” And I don’t know about you, Tom, but putting on “Overload”—which I’ve done every week before this one since I only just received my copies of “One Touch”—makes people dance for me, even without the benefit of any Stateside radio airplay (unless you count my Saturday afternoon radio stints).

Too Many Words?

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Too Many Words?: Oh, you can never have too many words about music!

First, there’s, a new endeavor run by Michael Goldberg (the former editor-in-chief of Addicted to Noise, once THE pre-eminent webzine for all things musical & hip). (Of course, now Addicted to Noise has been swallowed by the once-pertinent, now-negligent Sonicnet. Ugh – they went from reviewing Fuck’s first album to the horrific “Me. Music. Mine.” marketing campaign during the dotcom boom. Avoid at all costs.) Neumu is a multi-media site, with features on the Big Bands (REM, Radiohead), photographers (this week – renowned Seattle photographer Charles Peterson), and other such things of truth & beauty. The stable of reviewers does include various ATN alumni, but there are a few inspired screwballs in the mix as well – most notably, Anthony Carew (the Gravitygirl webmaster, a fine repository for FT-like goodness), and John Darnielle.

Ah, John Darnielle. He writes wonderful songs under the Mountain Goats nom de guerre. He writes wonderful music critisism for the New Times LA. He publishes his own ‘zine, called Last Plane To Jakarta (a ‘zine which is currently on-line, by the way – click here). He embraces music in toto, from Emperor to Destroyer to the Steve Miller Band. (And, yeah, the Backstreet Boys, too.) And, if you believe his bio from the Neumu website – “He is persuaded that advertisement-free media will soon usher in a new age of enlightenment and stimulating intellectual discourse.” He’s a good, good man.

DJ Cockfarmer’s Club Sussed Playlist

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DJ Cockfarmer’s Club Sussed Playlist

Spot the desperate token indie records put on to try and get people dancing. If you like the sound of this then DJ C-Farmer is available for weddings, parties, anything. And he’ll be on the decks on July 5th, hopefully, at Sussed II. The order of play was not as listed below!

Sugababes – “Overload”
Morrissey – “Piccadilly Palare”
Buzzcocks – “Boredom”
Britney – “….Baby One More Time”
Smokey Robinson – “Come Round Here (I’m The One You Need)”
Teenage Fanclub – “What You Do To Me”
Serge Gainsbourg -“Bonnie And Clyde”
Glenn Campbell – “Wheres The Playground, Susie?”
The Shangri-La’s – “Give Him A Great Big Kiss”
Pulp – “Lipgloss”
Daphne And Celeste – “UGLY”
The Smiths – “Panic”
Broadcast – “Come On Let’s Go”
The Byrds -“Feel A Whole Lot Better”
Daft Punk – “Digital Love”
The Magnetic Fields – “I Don’t Want To Get Over You”
Missy Elliot – “Get Ur Freak On”
Subway Sect – “Ambition”

Get some sleep, man!

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Get some sleep, man!: Mike’s 24-hour foray into our popcult unconscious is over, and I hope everyone’s enjoyed it as much as I have.

And you never know, when Mike recovers, he might post to Land Of A Thousand Dances, his new weblog, which Freaky Trigger is proud as a prince to be hosting. It’s the replacement for Cultural Artefacts Of The Moment, and if it’s even half as good as that it’ll be very good indeed.

The other new permanent FT feature which we’ve not yet made much noise about is Moments In Love, a sister page to NYLPM. One great pop moment and a snip of writing about it, every day: think of it as a Freaky Trigger desk calendar. At the moment I’m writing it, but I’ll probably open the page up to suggestions before too long, and maybe implement a comments system too.