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Apr 01

Sad news…

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Sad news…

It seems that is no more.

The domain name was up for renewal. I wrote to my hosts – nothing. I wrote to my current ISP requesting a transfer – they said they couldnt without the host’s permission. Which of course they couldn’t get. The domain name expired, and now seems to be in the hands of, who I assume snap up extinct domains. And as of today, with me looking helplessly on, it keeled over. I tried to re-register but am so far having no luck, and are asking silly prices because they’re trying to ‘service’ businesses, not music fansites. I’m a bit of a web naif sometimes and maybe I have been here too: I don’t know. I feel gutted, frankly, and also very guilty – Ned’s editorship was just getting going and it’s a shame to have such a rude interruption.

But interruption is what it is. NYLPM and the forum sail on regardless. For now FT is back where it’s always been – here. A lot of the links on the front page don’t work – over the weekend I’ll be cobbling together a micro-site with some links to recent articles.

In the long term? A few options. I get the domain off if I can – but probably not (it’s pricey). FT has a name change and resurfaces as something new and cool – maybe. Most likely is that we move to – I’ve registered the name and I’m sorting out the details of the site. But I don’t quite know so don’t update your bookmarks yet.

It’s particularly annoying that this has happened just when the site seemed to be getting wider recognition, but life and the web are rarely fair. Apologies to all the Entertainment Weekly readers who won’t be reading this. And watch this space for more details – as well as the usual nonsense.


well, tom…

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well, tom, as dan indicates over on his blog, i’d bet that it has something to do with the de rigeur condescending attitude towards pop expressed in the slighting of black box, but it also rankles further: it praises st. etienne, the pop group indie folks are supposed to like and, when combined with the opening dis of the ‘box, who incidentally made better dance records than st. et., it epitomizes the pitchfork approach, putting it in the worst possible light when laid bare so egregiously as in this case. beyond that, it’s one of those examples where you’re made to feel guilty or just plain wrong for liking a band, i.e. st. et., because of their fans. not many reviews accomplish both these tasks; is a congrats in order?

There is something really irritating

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There is something really irritating about this Saint Etienne review that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s by my least-favourite Pitchfork reviewer but it’s not quite the style and it’s not his specific opinions on the music either….readers can you help me with this, because I’m finding it as annoying as a fly stuck in the ear?