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Apr 01

Fans of Blur take note!

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Fans of Blur take note! (and other Anglophiles): you know all that stuff about Biscay and Malin Head in “This Is A Low”? Well, for an apparently limited time – he’s taking it down very soon – enlightenment can be yours as an MP3 of the BBC Shipping Forecast lurks online. This is courtesy of Mo Morgan, who deserves maximum respect for this public service. And he digs the BBC Radiophonic workshop, which provides an opportunity for me to tell you all that Robin has updated his piece on them again.

Maconie’s Critical List

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Maconie’s Critical List: apparently some people still don’t own any Big Star albums. Maconie is going to tackle this crisis in schoolmasterish fashion. I have long had a soft spot for the man – he after all wrote the review of Win’s Freaky Trigger which started this whole thing off as much as anything did – but this is trying.