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Apr 01

Everybody Loves The NYLPM Mailbag

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Everybody Loves The NYLPM Mailbag: focus group time is upon us soon and with it come nutters searching for songs on Google. To whet your appetite here’s a little something from the mailbag about Mr. M. Manson (who we were quite nice to actually):

“You lot need to .. in two words SHUT UP we dont rip it out of your music if we like Marilyn manson and slipknot then thats our choice we like it you dont have to personally i dont like any of the mentioned songs on this page they lack originality there all the same they glammed up too much and they always manufactured and often the singers dont even like there own music at least our bands play for them and not so stupid record label to make money

so lay off our music youve got no grounds to rip on ours with the music you listen to so F*** u !

and to the guy that said manson is about 40 hes 32! n who said theres an age limit on music ? so screw!”

Pitchfork Gets Candid

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Pitchfork Gets Candid: “Okay, let’s be honest here: I know jack about techno. I’ve never really understood the DJ disc concept, and all the artists on this CD (Sniper? Narco Dogs? General MIDI?) are new to me.”

AIR – “Radio#1”

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AIR – “Radio#1”
Air are beautiful boys with Utopia in their eyes – “With love, melancholy snipers will become flower gun users” they tell us, and whyever shouldn’t we believe them? Their “Radio #1” is half jingle, half anthem, a station ident from some hazy ideal world, faintly phased voices and bold thick drums and a dopey softrock melody. In some corner of France it seems it’s always 1980.

Nowadays we distrust people’s motives for making gorgeous things – Daft Punk’s “Digital Love” was cheesy and knowing and ironic, you may have read, and the same will hold for this confection. Whether Air mean it or not, though, is no more relevant than whether, ooh, REM really liked the Byrds or Primal Scream actually dug Love. Because what the French have done for dance music is what those and similar historians did for guitar pop – they’ve given it a notion of perfection. “Perfect pop” – a jangly, melodic, moving West Coast sound – became a grail and bane of numberless guitar bands from the 80s to now. And what Air and Daft Punk and Modjo are making is the new perfect pop – a stab at recapturing the moment of synthetic radio innocence just after disco exploded and covered everything with its shimmery fallout. The danger, if you could call it that, is reverence not irony.

For now, though, “Radio#1” is lovely, lovely, a breeze. It feels like something starting again: “Brand new ears at once / Reject musical trash”