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Mar 01

well y’know, that’s just a bonus

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well y’know, that’s just a bonus: to use a vile Internet cliche, I “laughed out loud”. You will too.

Am I Cool Or Not?

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Am I Cool Or Not?: only eleven entries this week, tut tut, but some pretty amusing ones. And a new subject, of course…

First Browning, Now Homer!

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First Browning, Now Homer!: “”The style, structure and themes of rap music, generally, are the same as classic Greek and Latin poetry,” Biggs said. “When you look at the ‘Iliad,’ it doesn’t take a very learned classicist to see the similarities.””. Via Vitaminic‘s fine weblog.

Word to NYLPM contributors: I am going to be busy this week what with a) the anniversary special and b) my birthday. What finer present to give your hard-working editor than some contributions, eh?

Special Announcement

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Special Announcement: a week today it is NYLPM’s first birthday, and Freaky Trigger’s second. There will be a big special feature to celebrate, with original writing from a lot of great people. So far so good. But! NYLPM is about the links as well as the reviews, so I’d like to take a look back over the last 12 months in the “online music community” (hem hem), too.

If you’re reading this it is possible that you write about music, for your own site or somebody elses. So what I would love to print is a selection of comments about why you do this. If you e-mail me a link to your site and a comment about why you run it, or write for it, I’ll print the comments and link to it along with the other stuff. Otherwise you’ll have to make do with my editorialising, and your site might miss out!