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LOU REED – Metal Machine Music

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LOU REED – Metal Machine Music

made me less sad last night.

You’re a joke.

I think

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I think Boehlert’s implicit argument is that as record promotion becomes increasingly expensive, labels will be forced by economic necessity to be more cautious in what they choose to promote. This fear of risk would translate into an increasing reliance on music made by established stars (Elton John AGAIN?) or followed established styles (cf. Oasis). As Boehlert says: “with today’s tightly controlled playlists, any new song is a risk that can cause listeners to switch to a channel with an older and more comforting hit.” (Notice that this would make kids and teens the true pop avant-garde – they, blessedly, have no sense of history.)

Even if this is true, though, that’s only one reason for industry cautiousness. Even if the current system of record promotion suddenly evaporated, radio programming would be still be as tightly researched, developed and marketed as any other product from any other large corporation from any other industry you’d care to name.

I have no idea about the Oxford Blue

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I have no idea about the Oxford Blue – however I have been drinking at “The Oxford Pub” or to give it its full and rather more revealing title The Oxford Pub: It’s A Scream. It’s A Crime, more like, etc. This used of course to be The Hobgoblin, famously rough-as-boots pub on “the Plain” (or “the Roundabout” as it should perhaps be called). It has since mutated. Along the way I am almost positive it was called for a short while simply The Pub. Making it only a participle away from the Repo Man gone mad nightmare of a pub simply called Pub.

Come to think of it it’s surely only a matter of time before some ghastly bar round Old Street way (see Publogs passim) changes its name to the fashiomably monosyllabic Pub in order to enrage and confuse us. Bah.

The London Pub, London

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The London Pub, London Picking up briefly on Pete’s comment on the inn in Hendon called The Hendon, I agree that any pub named after the town where it is located is bound to be trouble. However, I have no facts to back this up – as I have never been to such a pub and they appear to be rarer than you would expect.

It’s a long shot but has anyone been to any of the following?

Bristol Tavern, Bristol
The Nottingham Arms, Nottingham
The Birmingham Arms, Birmingham
The Liverpool, Liverpool
Sheffield Arms, Sheffield
The Oxford Blue, Oxford
The Cambridge Blue, Cambridge

There seems to be no Manchester Tavern in Manchester. The appallingly-named Canterbury Tales is in Gillingham, so it thankfully doesn’t count.

Pay To Play

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Pay To Play: expose of radio plugging practises which generally manages to exchange nostril-flared outrage for dry factuality and is the better for it. Except for that odd little intro: “Does radio seem bad these days? Do all the hits sound the same, all the stars seem like cookie cutouts of one another? It’s because they do, and they are.”

This is nothing to do with the payola-esque practises the writer’s describing. He’s exposing the workings of radio, which is currently leaving both record companies and DJs at the mercy of pluggers, and is preventing DJs picking their own playlists. There’s no reason, though, why this set-up should make for bad, or even less diverse, music in toto, though it may lead to greater niche marketing. Eric Boehlert doesn’t even bother justifying that sour intro – he presumes the facts speak for themselves at the same time as he’s putting off an audience who enjoy radio but might just want to know something more about how it currently works.

Welcome aboard, Nanette!

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Welcome aboard, Nanette! I notice though that you do not mention the video, which has Destiny’s Child prowling about an island in shipwrecked-cavewoman gear. It’s very artistic. Oh yes.

Judging from what I heard watching the video on CD:UK, anyway, the song is ace. She has survived a man who has done her wrong. A man doing DC wrong – an unusual theme for them, you will agree. That and the absurdly hypertense string hits take the track pretty much into self-parody-land, but I often think that records dismissed as “self-parody” are better than the regular output.

“I’m a survivor…”

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“I’m a survivor…” I figured I needed to talk about something big for my first post here at NYLPM. I toyed with the idea of writing about how terrifying the band Crazy Town is, and how they became all the more terrifying after I saw a picture of them in a recent Entertainment Weekly. (Did anyone else notice that one guy in the band who looks like he’s in his mid-40s? He’s scarier than the tattooed and pierced ones.) I thought about reporting on the new videos I’ve seen on M2. And then…I heard it. The song that was meant to be the subject of my first-ever post at New York London Paris Munich: “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child.

Now, I like Destiny’s Child. And I’m not talking about that tongue-in-cheek ironic “like” that many people have for pop music. I think Destiny’s Child has some damn catchy songs, I think some of their lyrics are pretty stinkin’ clever in their own special way. When I heard that their new single was called “Survivor,” I was worried that it would be some sort of a Survivor tie-in, the way “Independent Women” was a Charlie’s Angels tie-in. I was worried that there would be shout-outs to Jerri and Amber and Colby. Fortunately, this is not the case. But “Survivor” still disappointed me. First of all, what have Beyonce and Company survived? I saw them on Before They Were Rock Stars or one of those type of shows. None of these women came from any sort of hardship. They’re all, what, 19? They have shitloads of money, they’re beautiful women, they’re young…and they’re this jaded? Come on. I know pop music isn’t supposed to be believable, but this is kind of ridiculous.

Now, nobody’s saying Destiny’s Child are musical geniuses, but “Survivor” is pretty weak musically as well. Maybe kicking those two girls (does anyone remember their names?) out of the band was not such a good idea. It seems like the song isn’t as fleshed out as their earlier songs, it seems like something is missing.

I think the thing I dislike most about “Survivor” is that I can see it becoming the new “I Will Survive,” which means that we’re destined to hear awful versions of it performed at karaoke bars by drunks who have just been dumped by their boy/girlfriends. Gag.

Okay, so there’s one line in the song that consistently makes me giggle. “I’m not gonna dis you on the Internet/’Cause my mom taught me better than that.” As a personal webpage keeper who has (gasp!) dissed people on the Internet, I am endlessly amused by that line. I feel like asking my mom if she really did teach me better than that.

Reorganisation creep…

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Reorganisation creep…gone is the top ten (look to your right), though it will return in a fairer and more democratic form. What replaces it? Well, often at Freaky Trigger we get messages along the lines of, hey, you are nasty to so much music, what on Earth am I meant to like? In the noble spirit of elitism we now present a weekly look at what is and isn’t acceptable to like. Praise for what is “in” will earn you our friendship. If you prefer what is “out” we will exploit you and mock you behind your back and you will find your hits mysteriously drying up, too. So there.