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Am I Cool Or Not?

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Am I Cool Or Not?: five “Fool” verdicts in a row – can this week’s subject buck the trend? Find out now.

chuck eddy is god

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chuck eddy is god


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Ire? You grow up in Borehamwood you tend to be the one making all the Boring Wood jokes as opposed to being the butt of them. That said – Chris Cowey has long permed black hair and wears denim (you know – for the man who doesn’t have to try too hard) so i am not altogether perturbed by him leaving the town. Top Of The Pops has been at Elstree Studios Borehamwood for about ten years, including the great early nineties days of random presenters. Tastes wax and wane however, and the way I read it TOTP are being forced out because of Eastenders. In the meantime they have to go to the Riverside Studios – where I believe TFI Friday was made. Hmm, Teddington – that’s a step up.

Enough of my feint irritation though. Borehamwood is a tedious suburban town on the very edge of London and therefore deserves abuse. Yes many, many great films have been made there – and some turkeys (Superman IV: The Quest For Peace?). And yet – until very recently – it did not have a cinema. It is the kind of place where the phone boxes have bouncers. It was ideally placed in some respects for Pop Stars – since any kind of illegal drug is easy obtained in the High Street. Howeve none of the above can detract from the joy of growing up in a place where you could see Debbie Harry walking down the street – aged seven. My balls dropped a good deal quicker after that.

(I have to add here that Debbie and Blondie were not playing on Top Of The Pops – but rather on The Muppet Show, another Borehamwood production – starring Chris Cowey as Rolf).

But what if your mum was watching you in the pub?

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But what if your mum was watching you in the pub? Or your boss? Or your cuckolded other half? The whole concept is fraught with perils.

On the other hand it would be good if you were planning to go out on the pull, you could survey the talent in advance and decide whether to bother or not. Of course by the time you get there they might have gone but c’est la vie, eh?

just a thought: getting pissed off by nicky wire is sort of like getting pissed off by your cat refusing to come when you call it, but

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just a thought: getting pissed off by nicky wire is sort of like getting pissed off by your cat refusing to come when you call it, but this is a bit much. i’m honestly glad i don’t live in england so that i don’t have to hear his natter non-stop. best part: “fidel, as i now call him…” what were you calling him before? charlie? how does the rest of the band put up with him?

and yes, this was posted especially to raise the wrath of a certain nylpm staffer. it’ll be fun to watch her head explode from unnecessary stress one day.

Top Of The Pops To Move

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Top Of The Pops To Move: of note mostly because it disses Borehamwood, the hometown of a notable Freaky Trigger contributor who I expect to respond to this with the requisite ire. Also the producer’s assertion that they want the audience to be made up of “exotics and fashion victims”. Has he looked at the charts lately? They’re as exotic as a slipper. About the only thing “fashion victims” would twitch a jaded toe to is the truly execrable Gorillaz single, and frankly they’re welcome to it.

I think were going to have to agree to disagree regarding

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I think were going to have to agree to disagree regarding Viewpub Pete. It is a worthy idea, just done badly. Pubs should be open to objective observation. The unexamined pint is not worth drinking. If a pint is downed in the pub and there’ s no-one around, does it make a sound? Insert further cliche here, etc.

Regarding the Sherlock Holmes, I’m afraid that I can’t be convinced that an afternoon spent in said pub wouldn’t involve an endless repetition of (apologies for the American accent) “CAN I HAVE ONE OF YOUR ENGLISH BEERS PLEASE?” And notwithstanding its non-Baker Street location, don’t try and tell me there’s not a deerstalker in the place.


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And speaking of hooks….: Rolling Stone review the new Daft Punk album. Most entertaining is the journalist’s scrabbling for some kind of resistance or subversive content in “One More Time”.

Low Res Viewpub is an awful idea

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Low Res Viewpub is an awful idea, but not all the pubs involved are as hideous as John suggests. Well The Hendon in Hendon is – but any pub named after the town it is in must always be viewed upon with suspicion. Is their only claim to fame that they are in that town? Can they not even think of one coloured beast to name themselves after. I have been to the Hendon and it is poor.

Not so the Sherlock Holmes however. Don’t get me wrong – I am not claiming pub canonisation for the Holmes – its just off Charing Cross which puts it pretty much in tourist central. However I had a few Sunday afternoon beverages there recently and it is really a rather pleasant if unassuming pub. Firstly it was surprisingly cheap – or the bar staff were surprisingly poor at adding up. Secondly they do a good pint of Pride in there, which after the awful stuff I had previously been drinking south of the river came as a bless’d relief (I’ll tell you about The Old Fire Station some other time- just don’t go there in the intervening period). And whilst this was a tourist haven, it got the golf cap variety of American middle-agers who are more than amused by Brit binge drinking, especially in ladies.

Anyway any pub called the Sherlock Holmes which is not in the Baker Street environs cannot be all bad.

Vis a vis Tom’s piece on Edinburgh drinking I can not concur enough. I was in Scotlands fair city about a month ago and found that only the nasty pubs seemed to stay open late. The nicer boozers, which were well out of the centre, had clientelle which drifted off at about 10:30. What’s more, my Dad’s favourite pub which had been recomended to me (The Three Tuns) had been squatted on by a Bella Pasta and closed down. To add insult to what I believe is injury, a blackboard outside the barred door suggested that I might like to try a pint in the nearby Firkin. Shame.

Maybe there’s hope for the kids after all:

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Maybe there’s hope for the kids after all: In a phone-in-and-vote “March Madness of Alternative Rock” weekend promotion sponsored by the modern rock station here in Philadelphia, Weezer came out triumphant. But the best part of that bit of news is the fact that they beat out the Dave Matthews Band. Sure, the hoarily multiculti stadium-fillers have the #1 album in the US this week, but I’d like to look to the future, specifically a future where noodling can be beaten down solidly by hooks. Maybe … maybe … maybe.