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Feb 01

Pop Eye

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Pop Eye: Pete at the controls, a new picture, two new polls, and Atomic Kitten still at No.1….


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Icestock: Wired reports on Antarctica’s burgeoning music scene.

I have been ordered to write about the

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I have been ordered to write about the Duke of Devonshire and being a good girl I am doing just that. The D of D is sort of between Clapham and Balham and therefore not necessarily somewhere you would expect to find a splendid pub (it being more of a bar sort of an area). However the D of D is one of the splendidest pubs I have been to for a very long time. So splendid that I want a Wizard of Oz style tornado to pick it up and deposit it next to my flat so it becomes not just splendid but perfect.

Why is it so great – where to begin? Firstly it has The Look right. It’s big but intimate. The decor is fantastic – authentic old pub styley but not too seedy – all chandeliers and mirrored walls (not in a porno way you understand) and comfy chairs. There is a quiz machine (although we failed to win anything from it thanks to our mentally defective mate, goddammit). The food is good, although prices are not the lowest. The staff are fine, nothing special but there was no waiting around or faffing about. The place is open late Friday and Saturday nights. The music (we couldn’t figure out whether it was a jukebox or not) was very eighties, and I’m talking Erasure and Rick Astley here. Being drunk I enjoyed this greatly. While I was as ever on the bottled lager / spirit combo there were no complaints about the beer so I guess that was good too.

Somehow it all conspired to be a very satisfying pub and the ideal place to spend a Sunday afternoon. If only it were in North London.


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WE ARE POP: An evening out in a well-known London hostelry with some of the Tangents crew, the ice being broken when the Freaky Trigger boys (me, Pete and Al) demonstrated their total pop supremacy by getting the £10 jackpot on the Top Of The Pops quizzer. “You’re going to write about this on your site, aren’t you?” said Mr.Fitchett. The Tangs posse got their revenge when a conversation about Northern Soul exposed Pete and I as, frankly, full of shit. Rousing choruses of “More Than A Feeling” by Boston and “If You Leave Me Now” by Chicago rounded off the evening. Hoorah! But one small step in the run up to Triggerfest ’01, about which you will be hearing plenty more anon.

Sorry about the lack of action round here

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Sorry about the lack of action round here, but quite obviously our excuse is we were in the pub. And what pubs. Over the next week you will be regaled with tales about men with hats, another pub deadly sin and some South London boozers. But first a cautionary tale about quiz machines.

Beat The Clock is a Maygay machine (note that – it is quite important) which is simplicity in itself. You answer questions and earn seconds. At a certain point you will earn enough seconds to enter the endgame. However the more seconds you earn, the more time you will have in the endgame – where you have to answer between one and eight questions per cash prize stage. Since you can enter the endgame any time after you qualify, this gives you an effective pass – so you always have a good stab at the money. Add to this a fickle if generous nature on giving out try agains and passes – not to mention a complete lack of correlation between number of seconds earned and difficulty of question – you have a solid quizzer. We won a fair bit from in on Sunday.

However, be warned. The endgame is structured in classic Top Of The Pops machine style – a beat the clock choice of free. You have a choice of two sets of questions which are cryptically introduced to you. For instance : “Red Is The Colour” is questions on who plays football in green or red or neither. Borders asks which of the named countries shares a border with Mali or Afghanistan. Pretty easy stuff.

Just stay clear of the Meta-Question. The topic “A Question Of Quizzes”. Thinking this might be about which game-show was on BBC or ITV we went straight for it. And the following legend came up:
“Which of these quiz machines is made by Maygay, Barcrest or neither?” Twenty five seconds gone to nought. Be warned, is all I say, there may be more of these lurking out there somewhere.