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Feb 01

Long and fascinating interview

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Long and fascinating interview with Keiji Haino. Worrying Jim Morrison worship leads to self-doubting questions re. Haino fandom.

All the kids love Charlemagne P

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All the kids love Charlemagne P, so here’s a review from Ed Pinsent’s beautifully designed printzine Sound Projector, which covers all the avant-garde stuff you need to know about – krautrock, minimalism, japanoise, underground post-punk (check the Family Fodder interview), and so on, with lots of illustrations. I like their manifesto too. Site here.

John Cooper Clarke

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John Cooper Clarke is how we will start things off this evening: lyrics to all his poems, which sound better as songs, but it’s nice to have them anyhow. Clarke’s an underrated figure, master of the internal rhyme and the only ‘punk poet’ worth a damn. Get Snap, Crackle And Bop and dig the Martin Hannett backing tracks as well as the words. (with thanks to Luke)

Sigue Sigue Sputnik

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Sigue Sigue Sputnik interviewed: the word “cyberspace” sounds a bit naff, doesn’t it? They always did try rather too hard.