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Charlemagne Palestine

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Charlemagne Palestine: this is the last time I’ll be using NYLPM to announce a new article, so make sure you sign up to the list below (or check FT twenty times a day, I won’t stop you).

Enormous Legends

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Charlemagne Palestine – Four Manifestations on Six Elements 

Charlemagne Palestine approaches a piano like a climber approaches a mountain. He does not play the instrument so much as he lets it test him: he starts each performance like an ascent, knowing that somewhere ahead there are the limits of the piano, and also the limits of him. It is entirely possible that he will reach neither, or both – when I saw him play in 1998 he finished the piece exhausted and the piano finished the piece with two of its strings at the lower end broken from the relentless pounding waves of music Palestine had forced from it.

We heard the strings go, a sudden cracking sound after maybe fifty minutes of the music building.


Review of ‘The W’ from

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Review of ‘The W’ from cheap lavatorial entertainment. Also, the funniest blog in the world.

Yet more admin

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Yet more admin: at least one Freaky Trigger reader is unable to access the bits of the site – I’m trying to work out why this is (most people still seem able to) but if this is affecting you, my apologies.

Also, I’ve started a notification list for people who want to know when Freaky Trigger and its subsites are updated, and other such thrilling behind-the-scenes information. This will take the form of an e-mail whenever a new feature article goes up and an e-mail every Friday filling you in on the week’s regular features, and also I’ll use listmembers as guinea pigs when I want to try out a new design or idea. If getting e-mail from Freaky Trigger sounds like your idea of fun, then fill this in:

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A lock-in! A lock-in!

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A lock-in! A lock-in! I got a lock-in last night, only my second in two and a half years in London.

I was only recently thinking how much I missed the thrill of seeing the curtains drawn come quarter past eleven and the smiling complicity of all involved. And sure enough, the blinds came down last night just as I was finishing my last, and no-one was throwing any kind of “time to leave now” shapes. And what happened? I had to leave to get the tube home. Ah, cruel fate.

Of course I’m not telling you where it was, this is a public forum.

It does occur to me that if the licensing hours in the UK are ever changed to a more civilised arrangement, the thrill of the lock-in will pass into history, and I can’t help but feel a twinge of regret similar to the one I felt when, on turning eighteen, I realised that a whole layer of naughtiness (and hence enjoyment) had been removed from going out for a pint.

I remember the joys of the afternoon lock-in, before all-day opening came in. Ah, it was a great thing, emerging into the early evening gloom in search of something to eat, happy in the knowledge that I had got drunk all afternoon, illegally. Glory. The afternoon session still has a special magic for me, even now.

DUEL II! – Duel Of The Dead

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DUEL II! – Duel Of The Dead: learn who won out of Jimbo and Phil (not difficult) – and vote in the second pair-off.