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Jan 01

Drinks mean links

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Drinks mean links here at Freaky Trigger, and in commemoration of a fine and surprise-filled* evening out at a (dare I say it?) indie disco I bring you king of all the hipsters?. (The ? is like the ? on Therapy?).

*no surprises in the music, of course. Goodness though, aren’t Idlewild rubbish?

Where Have All the Black Pop Acts Gone?

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Where Have All the Black Pop Acts Gone?: interesting article about whether the current wave of boy band pop has pushed black pop acts like Boys II Men out of the marketplace, and why this is. But especially interesting because throughout the entire piece there is not one mention of women as performers rather than as (easily led) consumers. If like me you read the essay’s title and thought, duh, Destiny’s Child, you might find this a little surprising.

Am I Cool Or Not

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Am I Cool Or Not is ending early this week ’cause of the site reorganisation. So get your opinions in quick, if you have any!

The Ghosts Of Pac-Man

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An idea which shouts through a megaphone that it was conceived on the back of a beermat- The Ghosts Of Pac-Man asks a number of searching questions about the blamanche-like spooks in the early eighties video arcade game. An idea not fully developed one must assume as
a) Beermats are not very big
b) TMBG are the kind of guys who beaten up in bars
c) Well at least the kind of bar I go to
d) And admittedly I would probably be doing the beating up
e) Mainly because they obviously cannot take their beer, and that’s pissy American beer at that – about 2.9% proof.
Anyway, the song (if such a word could be used) asks important questions like – what were the ghosts when they were alive? Why do they want to eat Pac-Man? Why are they scared of him when he is on drugs? Do they represent the spectre of socialism, to Pac-Man’s obviously avaricious capitalist – or is that merely a Marxist reading of history done by people kicked off their politics course for being “too whiny”. Its difficult to say, especially when presented over the sounds of a bunch of dodgy early eighties synths set up to emulate their memory of early Namco games, plus an accordian.
(Note: Jonathon Richman’s version of this imaginary song, if it were to be written, would be a lot more sympathetic to the ghosts – admitting that often he cried at night feeling sorry for the arbitary baddies of the piece).

Mixing it.

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Mixing it. I have long entertained the theory that Snakebite was frowned upon by the landlord community neither for legal reasons nor for tap-contamination reasons, but for pub contamination reasons. That is to say, they don’t want their pub contaminated with snakebite-infused sick. In my recall snakebites are readily available in Students’ Unions, often made even less bearable with the unspeakable ‘black’. So, as BDP might ask, why is that?

Well, the point of drinking snakebite (rather self-evidently) is drunkenness as quickly and cheaply as possible, but anyone who has made use of the noxious mixture in question know that it brings with it the danger of accidental vomiting. None of the above, surely, can be seen as positives from a landlord’s point of view. Compare and contrast with Students’ Unions, which are organisations geared precisely to enabling swift, cheap and extreme drunkenness (yes yes, amongst other things, I know). Furthermore, those who make the policies for the bars at SUs are very rarely the same people who do the cleaning of the lavatories.

As for Mackesons and / or light ale, surely these are exclusively bottled products? If Mackesons is available on draught somewhere, I’d like to know about it, so I can be sure to avoid the area. There can be no contamination issue with a light and bitter because it consists simply of a half of bitter in a pint glass, accompanied by an opened but unpoured bottle of light ale.

Talking of which, I fear the light and bitter is dying out, because the only people who ever seem to drink it are old giffers (and me, occasionally). It appears to be slightly less fashionable than the glorious cider armadillo (q.v.). It’s a shame because it’s an ideal starting pint the lunchtime after the heavy night before. Quite often I have to explain the make-up of the L&B to inexperienced bar-whelps who should know (light and) better.

Having barmaided quite a lot in my time I know that Snakebite was frowned upon

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Having barmaided quite a lot in my time I know that Snakebite was frowned upon – I was given the impression that this was because the landlord didn’t like the idea of one glass potentially ‘cross contaminating’ 2 pumps. On reflection, this sounds highly unlikely. And what about drinks like Light and bitter? Or bitter and Mackesons (does this sound plausible? I remember serving something and Mackie’s to an old fella in the country pub where I used to work)? And for us young glamorous folk – what about cocktails?

PS And as for asking Pete if this is true – how long have you known him?!

Two things I heard last night

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Two things I heard last night:

i) Axl Rose has found God,
ii) Snakebite is actually illegal because you can’t guarantee the ABV. Pete, is this true?

I also got to put the ‘on own in pubs’ theory to the test. What I did:

a) mooched about. Lowered tone of pub (a tough feat since this was It’s A Scream).
b) played quizzer. I should have heeded John’s advice! Someone indeed did come up behind me and peer at the screen, and witnessed me lose on the first money question (something about bloody This Life)
c) read local freesheet. AN ERROR. It had part one of a three-part article in very small type about digital cameras and a long unfunny thing on dentists by one ‘Reynard’. These rags should be banned from pubs, no question.