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Jan 01

Another Monday, another

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Another Monday, another Am I Cool Or Not?: who is this young man and more importantly what is he into? Plus ‘keyboard girl’ assessed. As usual, thankyou to everyone who wrote in last week and you are all encouraged to give it a go this time too.

It is rare in the slovenly world of online music criticism for a site to redesign

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It is rare in the slovenly world of online music criticism for a site to redesign, so I don’t get to do my bloggin’ duty and mention it that often. However indie rock lynchpin us|against|them has not only redesigned but it is – and this is really rare – a redesign with an actual point to it! That being to shift UAT’s gears a bit towards sort-of webzine status by the inclusion of features. Mostly promised features rather than actual features, so far. Also some permanent links and some staff biogs. I will miss the minimalist design because I like minimalist designs, but I’m sure the sharpness of attitude and refusal to slip into typical indiekid cutesiness won’t be leaving with the white space.

NIRVANA – Tedious Rubbish

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NIRVANA – Tedious Rubbish

Fact One: The track Endless Nameless is called Endless Nameless. It therefore has a name.
Fact Two: The track Endless Nameless fits on one CD. CD’s hold a maximum of 78 minutes of music. Therefore the track is at most 78 minutes long. (It is actually shorter.) Therefore said track ends.

Conclusion: Endless Nameless both has a name and ends. Therefore Nirvana lied to you – who later canonized and matryed their idiosyncratic – and I suggest idiotic – lank haired lead singer after his unique way of clearing his sinus problem went terribly wrong. I suggest you write to whoever the current pop pontiff is to get Kurt Cobain cast out of such and exalted position and thrown down into grunge hell with all Pearl Jam records and the Stone Temple Pilots.