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Jan 01

As well as a regulation-issue news service

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As well as a regulation-issue news service (“win TONS of prizes” etc.), online music site Vitaminic runs a weblog. And it’s a very good one. It doesn’t have its own site, piggybacking on the general Vitaminic news one, so you’ll have to follow individual daily links. It does, though, have a terrific eye for fun stories (and good taste in online criticism too, heh heh) – and because it’s sponsored by The Man (or a man) you can steal all its links and not feel bad! Yeah!

Being a sad

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Being a sad Mojo-reading dadrock-loving sort, I can follow up this post with mention of the notorious Moby Grape singles scam, where said band released five singles on one day, each with a different A-Side and B-Side taken from their forthcoming debut album. Which had, uh, ten tracks. And which tanked. The perils of hippy maths illustrated.

The Manic Street Preachers

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The Manic Street Preachers (ahem) have announced the release of not one but two new singles on the same day. The idea of the two singles is to show the depth, nay breadth of the music on their new album. So that’ll be a slow one and a fast one then. Depth and breadth eh? (My money is on “Find That Soul” being a Motownesque ballad apologising for Mowtown junk, and “Why So Sad” being a fast one rueing the day they asked Ritchie to cheer the fuck up).

Dotmusic’s chart expert (now there is a money for jam job) says this move is unprecedented. Knackers to that says not even Freaky Triggers Chart Expert but a mate of his. Lush did it in 1993 – effectively dividing their small and impoverished fanbase so that one charted at 42 and the other at 39. This may be the ruse behind the Manics smash and grab attempt at the charts. Get the rubbish singles out before everyone realises that that new millenium stench is their album. It may also be used as an excuse why neither of them will go to number one.

Album is called ‘Know Your Enemy’. I think we know who our enemy is – any band who releases a record which cynically sucks up to the NME.


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PP: Hello
Brett Anderson (for tis he): Hi, can I interest you in a song for an advert?
PP: Who is this?
BA: This is Brett Anderson, of the fantastic British Indie, I mean Rock band Suede.
PP: Never heard of you.
BA: How about The London Suede?
PP: Sorry, have you changed your name?
BA: No, no. Its just we are known as the London Suede in the States.
PP: I see you are using “known” in a different sense to its usual usage. Sorry, still never heard of you.
BA: Well anyway, we’ve recorded this great record called New Generation and we thought maybe Pepsi might want to use it in an advert. You know, for your “Choice of a New Generation” campaign.
PP: I am well aware of our promotional slogan. Why do you think we would pick a bunch of lily livered limeys to do it?
BA: Well the song is called New Generation. And we represent a new, revitalising force in music.
PP: O-kay. Can you play me the record then.

Brett plays the tune down the phone, whose rudimentary acoustic abilities – against the odds – actually improves the quality of this sub-glam shocker.
There is a pause while the Publicists tries to take in the horror he has just heard.

PP: You think we would use that on an ad?
BA: Well it is the choice for a new generation.
PP: Sounds like the choice for people who have never heard David Bowie records before to me.
BA: Ha. But you see what we’ve done, we have updated a classic British sound and made it more relevant to a nineties drug taking – I mean Pepsi drinking generation.
PP: And you think references to taking “Poison” in the chorus may not effect our sales.
BA: It refers obliquely to rival products.
PP: Like Animal Nitrate refers “obliquely” to amyl? Please you must work on your grasp of the oblique. Admit it, the song is only called New Generation because you wanted to sell it to us and make some real money, isn’t it? You cannot live off of having number seven singles in the UK, because they only sell twenty copies.
BA: Erm.
PP: You are a sad, whiney, floppy haired individual who can only be described as a musician who has never had a musical experience.
BA: So you don’t want to buy it?
PP: No. And fuck off. Oh – but before you go. Can you tell me more about this Techno sound you mentioned in the song? That sounds like a choice for a new generation.
BA: I prefer Coke anyway.
PP: So I hear.

Another Best Of 2000 List

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Another Best Of 2000 List: a.m.a. veteran and mailing list pal Kris S. provides a heavily annotated best-of for an end of year poll I’m running on said list. I like it so much I ask to run it on the site. So here it is!