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Further sharing platter scandal

Pumpkin PublogPost a comment • 344 views

Further sharing platter scandal unsurprisingly as part of the overall Rat And Parrot defraudment: inequality in food portion terms. In other words: you get a billion billion ‘cajun wedges’ which nobody wants but you get only one ‘chicken fillet’ to share between six people.

Also, word “platter” is meaningless, being as these delicacies generally come on a plate.


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a bit crap? the futurists were a riot, from the absurd nihilistic manifestos to the compositions themselves. it should be kept in mind that they were painters not musicians. the text for this a capella piece, which gained a cult following of sorts with the crowd of one of my classmates:

lanke trr gll (“trr” a bit higher in pitch)
pi pi pi pi pi (ascending in pitch)
uuga uuga uuga uuga

lanke trr gll
pi pi pi pi pi
zuuga zuuga zuuga zuuga . . .

iiuu (really stretch out the “ii”s in this section)
ziiu . . .