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Oct 00

Bob Stanley at home

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Bob Stanley at home – the Saint Etienne songwriter gives you a tour of his record collection, which is exactly as you’d expect Bob Stanley’s record collection to be.“[Chantal Goya] did a great soundtrack to a Jean-Luc Godard film called Masculin-Féminin. The whole point of the film was that pop music was shallow and stupid and we should all be reading Marx and Engels, but it completely backfired because the political parts of the film are really boring, while the scenes with Chantal Goya in are fantastic.”

The dark secret of the Italian Futurists

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The dark secret of the Italian Futurists: no, not the fascism thing which is hardly a secret, more that they were – at least from a musical point of view – a bit crap. For all that Russolo’s intonarumori are a cultural touchstone of every noisician since, it’s amusing to learn that actual witnesses to one of these noise-machines’ rare performances said stuff like “I don’t think it was all that loud, but there were these funny burps and things coming in here and there, like battleships pooping off…”. Hmm.