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Big Orange Crayon

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Big Orange Crayon: if you link to me, I will link to you – such has been the inviolable rule of the blog since it crawled from the pre-Cambrian (or pre-1994, same difference) slime. Those who respect it not are poseurs and finks. This rule applies even if the links page describes NYLPM as “cute” instead of, I don’t know, “dilettantish documentation of the new platinum pop explosion”….on second thoughts, ‘cute’ will do just fine.

Oh yes, the site – nice design, thoughtful and personal music reviews. There’s a diary and stuff too. It’s good. He reviews the new Belle And Sebastian album – oh, those Scottish charmers.


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Actually, the very worst thing about those two lines is the pissant lazy-arse faffiness of them. “If I was a sculptor – but then again no” – yes, that’s right Elton, it’s a shit lyric and doesn’t make any sense. So what you do is you take your silver-sequinned ostrich-quill-pen and you cross the fucker out, not write “but then again no” and go on to pen an even worse line to finish the couplet. If for example I were to write:

“If I were Elton John – but then again no –
I would rather be embuggered with a garden hoe”

It would make no sense. Hmm. Or actually, it would make rather a lot of sense.