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PINBACK – “Tripoli”

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PINBACK – “Tripoli” (MP3)
The real-life Pinback may be roisterous types, but when I hear “Tripoli” I think of saucer-eyed boys in basements making quiet sounds for themselves. With its mumbling vocals, with its humming-to-yourself harmonies and with the mousiest scratching I’ve ever heard, this is private music, in shelter from the world. Pinback, thank goodness, don’t sound anywhere near proficient enough to noodle, which is the big risk post-pop runs, and the no-attitude vocal approach means the simple, pretty tune gets room to breathe. Of course you’ll be underwhelmed the first time you listen to it, but hide it somewhere on an MP3 playlist and it’ll charm you soon enough.

PINK – “There You Go”

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PINK – “There You Go” (MP3)
In the middle-eight the voice spirals nervily upwards and pushes the song towards greatness: otherwise it’s generic, Shek’spere-produced jitter-hop with chamber strings and a flinty scrub-bashing lyric (no clunker lines, but nothing as great as “telephone bills”/”automo-bills” either). But right now ‘generic’ for this particular genre equals the most vibrant music going. Pink‘s beats are aggressive, the keyboard stabs are panicky, and the delivery particularly merciless in its ball-shrivelling contempt – you might start to think that this whole future-pop thing is about boy producers turning the women they work with into fantasy ice maidens….hmm.

A Salon article on

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A Salon article on Luaka Bop – sensible enough, though I’m really not sure about the Cornershop link (they came out of the hypey UK version of Riot Grrrl rather than out of any worldbeat thing). It reminds me that I owe Magnus a piece on Stop Making Sense, and also that a similar compilation that compiled bastardised world dance-pop would be really interesting.

“I can’t find the Minutemen on Napster! Sob!”

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“I can’t find the Minutemen on Napster! Sob!”: as a non-Napster user (down to tech limitations, not ethics, alas) this is interesting mostly for what it says about the hip-hop hegemony.