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Why I Like Vinyl Communications

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;or; Confessions Of A Gabber Fan

Or maybe it should be called “Why I Like Kid 606” because Vinyl Communications, as a music-releasing entity, is a bit hard to encapsulate in a relatively short article. With releases as disparate as Lockweld (lo-fi radio static noise), The Haters (unrelenting noise noise), Disc (CD Skipping noise), Gogogoairheart (60s/70s Joy Division-esque punk rock redone with a bit more distortion), Lesser (jungle noise), Operation Re-Information (Devo as techno act), and Kid 606 (gabber noise), the label can’t really be said to have a “sound” so much as a philosophy: weird odds and ends are good. Oh, and noise is a plus – the more noise, the bigger that plus. Well, I like weird odds and ends (and noise too), so it’s not so suprising that I like VC. What is surprising (to me anyways) is how much I like gabber, i.e., how much I like Kid 606’s “Don’t Sweat the Technics.”